IVY BIRCH - Style & Purpose


IVY BIRCH is a brand on a mission. Birthed out of a passion to make a difference, we exist to provide quality products that impact and empower people who are hurting and in need. What started as a dream to give hope to others living with physical pain from conditions like Fibromyalgia has grown to become the business we are today; one that is determined to extend a hand to the hurting, physically, mentally, and emotionally, with the resources we have. 

Ivy Birch Co. will donate a portion of its profits to like-minded organizations on a mission to be a light and change in the world around us. At the same time, we offer hand-crafted, high-end products and styles such as: Italian leather handbags, top grain leather totes, natural and organic skincare items, fragrances from Italy and so much more.

Our mission is simple: To live with passion and purpose while making a difference in the world around us. We encourage and empower others to do the same. Though we may not be able to single handedly change the whole world on our own, we certainly can do something. Together we can make a difference and look fashionably classy while doing it! We hope you feel empowered as you partner with us as every purchase made from IVY BIRCH CO. makes a difference.

We are more than a product; we are women with a purpose. Let’s grow together!


                             “To purchase is to receive and to give.” 

                     - Jennifer Wolfe, founder and CEO of IVY BIRCH.