Ivy Birch - The Why Behind the What

“To purchase is to receive and to give.” 

Ivy Birch is all about providing high-quality styles and products while giving back to a purpose close to our hearts. Our brand was built on the foundation that to purchase is to both give and receive at the same time!

So what exactly does it look like to receive and give simultaneously through Ivy Birch? Each year a portion of our profits will go to support research and raise awareness for Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is characterized by significant muscle pain, frequent brain fog, troubles with sleep, and fatigue, among other symptoms. Currently, there is no known cure for Fibromyalgia, and it is still being widely researched to determine exactly what Fibromyalgia is, what all it encompasses, and where it originates from. Many people suffer daily with this disorder, feeling hopeless, discouraged, and invisible as there is little awareness surrounding those that live with this condition. Jennifer Wolfe, our founder, and CEO knows first hand what it is like to live with Fibromyalgia day today, and her heart's desire is to see a change for those who are also fighting chronic pain.

When Jenn first dreamed of the idea of Ivy Birch, the vision was to create a brand that not only gave her an outlet to focus on something other than her present chronic pain, but to also provide classy, beautiful, timeless and high quality products that people felt great about receiving. Additionally, customers who felt great about receiving their classic Ivy Birch products would also feel a sense of purpose with each purchase. This endeavor was launched into something that would both lift Jenn’s spirits and help shift her focus off of the way she was feeling most days as she began to research, sample, discuss, and design for Ivy Birch. The end goal of launching this one-of-a-kind brand was to always be able to give back to research and raise awareness for the very chronic pain condition that ignited Jenn’s desire to start Ivy Birch!

That brings us to where we are today! Ivy Birch exists to offer style, function, and purpose. Each bag was handpicked with every woman in every season in mind. Our leather tote bags are perfect for keeping you organized with a variety of zippers and pockets, and big enough to carry all your necessities. Maybe you’re a boss babe carrying your Ivy Birch Top Grain Leather Tote to the office. Maybe you’re a college girl packing your Ivy Birch Leather Tote for class. Maybe you’re a mom on the go tossing last-minute keys and diapers in your perfectly roomy yet classy Ivy Birch Canvas Tote. Maybe you too suffer from a chronic disorder like Fibromyalgia, we see you, and we know that receiving something of true quality can feel good even when you don’t. Each Ivy Birch product was thoughtfully picked with you in mind.

Fibromyalgia was the motivation, quality is the focus, and giving back is the goal!


- Jennifer Wolfe, founder and CEO of IVY BIRCH.